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Office chairs

Brief description of services

As the European market leader in office chairs, we strive to minimise our environmental impact with every stage of the product. Our chairs are completely circular; from the mining of raw material to easy disassembly for subsequent use. We communicate this transparently and objectively.

Why is the product or service circular?

Our entire production and design process is based on a circular model, linked to a service that also permits circularity for our customers in practice. Our 5:3 model puts us in a position to minimise the environmental impact

Which circular strategies are applied?

  • Reduce total amount of materials: We make sure each chair is as light as possible, and minimise the total consumption of raw materials, the variety of types of raw materials, and the complexity of recycling.
  • Reduce amount of virgin inputs: An ISO EPD report is supplied with every chair. This provides you with an objective and transparent overview of the materials used, and the degree to which these have been recycled and can be recycled again.
  • Extend the useful life: We use a modular structure with a minimum number of components which allows us to extend the useful life of chairs by up to 25 years with maintenance or lease contracts (no loss of ergonomic value).
  • Maximise the reusability of a product or component: The frame and metal parts are suitable for reuse thanks to the combination of a modular structure and the design for disassembly of our chairs.
  • Maximise the reusability or recyclability of materials: The entire production process is transparent. Every substance present and its possible emissions over the life loop, as well as the energy consumed and CO2 emissions, can be found in our EPD report.

What are the benefits for purchasers?

Flokk offers tailor-made solutions that reflect the customer's set-up. Circularity requires a partnership where both parties look at requirements and wishes, both now and in the long term. Some examples of this include leasing, purchase with guaranteed residual value, maintenance, refurbishing, etc.


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A. Reduce total amount of materials
B. Reduce amount of virgin inputs
C. Extend the useful life
D. Maximise the reusable of a product or component
E. Maximise the reusability or recyclability of materials