Redefining sustainable living with transformative modular sofa for circular economy

Sofar is the name of the Belgian design sofa that grows with you and fits into the circular economy. The goal of founders Nele and Esther is to make sustainable living accessible, aesthetic, and fun. They do this by designing a modular sofa that combines comfort, design, sustainability, and service.

With Sofar, Nele and Esther designed the first circular, Belgian design sofa. They aim to make sustainable living more accessible and reduce the impact of furniture on the waste pile. The circular Sofar is comfortable and modular, making it less likely to be replaced quickly.

For businesses, Sofar fully embraces 'Interior as a service'. Together with customers, the complete interior needs are assessed, and an office or lobby layout with several Sofars is designed, including a maintenance contract. This allows Sofar to ensure that maintenance, any repairs, or adjustments to the furniture with new covers are always carried out.

How does it work exactly? Together with Sofar, you create your ideal sofa.

You start with one of the models and then choose your own fabric and finishing material. Maintaining your new Sofar is also easy: the covers are easily removable and washable. Additionally, through an aesthetically integrated QR code, you gain access to maintenance tips and a stain guide. If something changes in your life, you can just as quickly adapt your Sofar by choosing a different layout or new covers. If you do decide to part ways with your Sofar, it will be collected, and each component can be reused in a new design.

What circular strategies are applied?

  • Reducing the total amount of materials
  • Reducing non-renewable virgin input
  • Extending the period of use
  • Maximizing potential reuse of product or component
  • Maximizing potential reuse of material - recyclability

What are the benefits for buyers?

The high-quality Belgian sofas can be easily cleaned and repaired, thanks to the removable covers. The 100% polyester fabrics retain their colorfastness and can withstand wear and tear. When a new style is needed or after moving to a different location, the sofa can easily be adapted in layout and look & feel thanks to a new module and cover package. This cover package is much cheaper than purchasing a completely new sofa.

We always stay in direct contact with the customer thanks to a QR code attached to the seat. With a simple scan, the customer is directed to our digital service platform where they can find repair and maintenance tips, as well as order new modules and covers. After using the SOFAR, we come with our take-back service to collect the sofa, allowing us to reuse the materials in a new SOFAR. This is done together with a custom company.
In this way, together with our customers, we make a positive ecological and social impact!

Nele en Esther

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A. Reduce total amount of materials
B. Reduce amount of virgin inputs
C. Extend the useful life
D. Maximise the reusable of a product or component
E. Maximise the reusability or recyclability of materials