Aberdeenshire New Build & Refurb projects

The Aberdeenshire Council implemented an Office Space Strategy project designed to optimise office space and develop a space plan fit for the future. This strategy has been under review as the Council defines what will be required of office space in the post-Covid environment. The strategy for the Ellon Office has continued, however. This was due, in part, to office use being only part of the multi-occupancy proposal for the building.

As part of its Environmental and Climate Change Policy and Resources and Circular Economy Commitment the Council is looking to ensure the developments are as energy efficient as possible and built in line with circular economy principles. Circular Economy is becoming increasingly considered in Council decision making supported by two key policy commitments.

The Resources and Circular Economy Commitment (2019) commits the Council to promote, effect and support circular economy principles and practice internally and in external areas of influence, such as events, contractors, partners, community and government. In 2020 a Climate Change Declaration was signed, which included the commitment to work with others across the region to ensure that Aberdeenshire reaches Net Zero by 2045, by promoting energy transition and a circular economy.

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