In a circular economy, it is not only important to have circular innovations, products, and services available. It is also essential to have procurers who understand, are willing to purchase, and even drive the demand for these innovations. Circular procurement plays a crucial role in growing the market for circular products and services.



The main objective of the Interreg North Sea Circular Economy Office (CEO) project (2023-2026) is to scale up circular strategies and thereby mainstream the practice of circular office environments. …


As a partner in the Interreg North Sea Region project ProCirc (2019-2023), Circular Flanders has provided Flemish procurers with the opportunity to further learn, experiment, and exchange knowledge w…


In 2017, Circular Flanders, in collaboration with The Shift, the Flemish Association of Cities and Municipalities, and Bond Beter Leefmilieu, established the Green Deal Circular Procurement (GDCP). O…

White Paper - How to Run a Community of Practice on Circular Procurement

How to run a community of practice on circular procurementLooking to set up a community of practice on circular procurement? Feel free to learn from our experiences, now brought together in a white paper. Get inspired and make your own project a success! 💪

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Overview of product categories

Information about circular procument and example cases per specific product category.





office furniture design and lighting
Office Furniture

PAPIER & KANTOOR- MATERIAALPaper & Office Supplies

Health Care
Health Care



Cleaning products


Electrical Vehicle Chargers (EVC)

Circular Procurement on Screen

Intro + Strategy 1: Reduce Total Amount of Materials

Strategy 2: Reduce Non-renewable Virgin Input

Strategy 3: Extend the Useful Life

Strategy 4: Maximise Reusability of a Product or Component

Strategy 5: Maximise Reusability or Recyclability of Materials

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