CEO (2023-2026)

The main objective of the Interreg North Sea Circular Economy Office (CEO) project (2023-2026) is to scale up circular strategies and thereby mainstream the practice of circular office environments. The CEO project focuses specifically on circular office interiors. The results and insights obtained can easily be transferred to furniture in schools, hospitals, and private households.

The Furniture Sector: From Take-Make-Dispose to Circular

Currently, the furniture sector in the NSR (North Sea Region) operates on a "take-make-dispose" model. Each year, the EU discards 10.5 million tons of office furniture. Circular models based on repair, remanufacturing, and reuse are on the rise but still considered niche products. Let's zoom in on the world of office furniture, a market that generates approximately 9 billion euros in revenue annually within the EU. When examining newly produced office furniture, it's alarming to find that 23% of it is not recyclable, and only 45% is partially recyclable (data from 2021). This clearly indicates a need for improvement.

The potential for change is undeniable. The market for circular office furniture already has established players with the knowledge and experience to operate on a larger scale, providing a solid foundation for further progress.

The approved Interreg NS CEO project aims to scale up circular strategies and mainstream circular office practices. The CEO project focuses on circular office furniture, but its results and insights can easily be transferred to furniture in schools, hospitals, and private households.

CEO Project Details

  • Start: July 1, 2023
  • Project Period: 2023 - 2026
  • Partners: Communauté de Communes Pévèle Carembault (FR), FCBA Institut Technologique (FR), HiiCCe (D), INDEED Innovation (DE), Kringwinkel Antwerpen (BE), Malmö (SE), Ministry of Finance City of Hamburg (DE), Municipality of Copenhagen (DK), ONBETAALBAAR (BE), Oost NL (NL), Textielstad Enschede (NL), Utrecht (NL), Circular Flanders (BE) and (BE).
  • CEO is an Interreg North Sea project, part of a European subsidy program supporting collaborative projects between Flemish organizations and partners from the Netherlands, Denmark, parts of Germany, Sweden, Norway, and France.

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On Tuesday, February 27th, the first Flemish stakeholder event for the Interreg North Sea project 'CEO' (Circular Economy Office) took place. Around 80 interested individuals attended. We documented the insights in several blogs.

Album of the event