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De 7 stappen van het circulaire aankoopproces

The 7 steps of the circular procurement process

A circular procurement process is essentially no different from a traditional procurement process. On this page, we take you through the different steps.

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The circular ambition chart

What are your organisation’s circular goals? As a purchaser, what strategies can you deploy to achieve these goals?  The ambition chart provides an overview of possible circular goals and purchasing strategies. A convenient starting point to get started: what actions is your organisation taking? Which actions are feasible in the short term? Which require a long-term ambition?

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How do you choose an ideal circular procurement project?

Our quick assessment helps you estimate the chance of success of your specific circular procurement project.
We ask you six specific questions, after which we calculate your success rate.
You'll immediately receive advice that will increase your chance of success.

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Andere aankooptools

Circular Procurement Tools

Circular procurement requires a completely different approach to the procurement process, so it poses purchasers a major challenge. A brief overview of existing circular procurement tools follows.

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Financing of circular procurement

Circular procurement places more emphasis on total cost of ownership, residual value and as-a-service models. This offers opportunities to finance purchases using alternative methods. 

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Public procurement law

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