BabyBazaar exchange store

At exchange store Babybazaar, parents can exchange clothing and equipment for babies and small children.

BabyBazaar is an exchange store for baby and children's stuff in Eeklo. Parents and grandparents bring in old items of high quality and receive tokens for choosing new items in the store. It is an initiative of the House of the Child Eeklo.

Children's things are often thrown away when they no longer fit or are needed. And yet many parents would be happy with these items, which are often still in good condition. That is why the House of the Child Eeklo started the Babybazaar initiative. In this exchange store, parents can bring in clothes and things they no longer need. In exchange for tokens, new or future (grand)parents can take them over for free.

This initiative not only ensures that children's stuff gets a new life, but also helps in the fight against child poverty. Parents who are not yet able to bring in anything themselves in exchange for tokens can get some through Kind en Gezin or the Social House.

The offer consists of children's clothing up to size 116 and baby items such as bassinets, nursing pads, slings, bottles, baby carriages, sterilizer, ... . Before the items enter the store, the volunteers strictly check for quality and clean, wash and iron everything.

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