Berg van Termunt sports and youth centre

Municipality of Tervuren constructs multifunctional and future-proof building

Tervuren city council is constructing a multifunctional building on the site of the 'Berg van Termunt' according to a circular model.

The building will house the local football club and youth centre, but other associations and private initiatives will also be able to use it. The local council decided to use building materials that can be reused or upcycled at a later stage. The idea is that in a few decades, the building can easily be disassembled. When the building reaches the end of its lifespan, it must be easy to disassemble it, so it has to be a flexible, future-proof design.



The building permit has now been granted, and the market survey is currently underway. The construction work is scheduled for 2021. The municipality of Tervuren is continuing its commitment to circularity with this project in the Green Deal Circular Construction.

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