New (life for) seating

At the Cammers chair factory, seating comfort and durability go hand in hand. The Mechelen-based company has been guaranteeing seats and chairs that not only look great but also sit great since 1934. With every order, be it a luxurious armchair or sleek office furniture, they listen carefully to their customers' personal preferences. So they deliver fully custom-made, high-quality seating furniture that is also 100% Belgian.

But it doesn't stop there. Cammers likes to commit itself to a greener future and is therefore also committed to reupholstering used seats and chairs. They give old furniture a thorough makeover that makes it look brand new again. By reupholstering only the damaged pieces, they also limit the use of raw materials and thus provide a budget and ecological alternative. So before you write off your favourite sofa or office chair and take it to the dump for the sake of some wear and tear, consider giving it a new lease of life by visiting Cammers.


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