Circular Building 't Centrum

‘t Centrum is the first fully circular office building in Flanders. It has a well-thought-out circular design and a conscious choice of materials, techniques and innovative business models. The building, including the roof construction, can be entirely dismantled and thus reused as such. The foundations can also be easily recovered and reused. All materials are included in a so-called Building Information Model (BIM), containing an integrated material passport that allows an inventory to be drawn up at any time. The building has an open structure with moveable walls, so it can easily be adapted to new needs.

‘t Centrum is the result of Kamp C’s holistic approach to what it believes circular construction means. As the regional centre for sustainability in construction, Kamp C developed ‘the seven pillars of circular construction’ and set up this demonstration project to show how this theoretical framework can be put into practice.

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