Circular coffee bar

The Flemish government’s Facility Services Agency serves coffee based on a circular model

Integrating circular principles in their services is an important part of the Facility Department’s sustainability strategy. Flanders wants to have a circular economy by 2050 and the Facility Department wants to be a frontrunner in reaching this goal. The VAC Leuven coffee bar was designed and build according to circular principles and will be exploited in a circular manner as well.

  • The coffee bar uses 100% green energy.
  • The bar furniture can be deconstructed and reused. It even has a materials passport!
  • The bar furniture was build from C2C-certified Accoya word. No glue was used and it contains no toxic chemicals.
  • During the exploitation waste is avoided as much as possible. Any waste that is generated will be sorted and recycled.

When choosing the product range, sustainability as well as sensitizing of the customers was taken into account. The supplier will remain responsible for the consumption costs of the machines. This all-in service ensures that the supplier will opt for energy- and water efficient appliances.

Het Facilitair Bedrijf van de Vlaamse overheid

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