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ZORG Leuven includes circularity in existing agreement

ZORG Leuven includes circularity in the framework agreement for reproduction material.

More specifically, this concerns the sustainable rental of sustainable print, copy and scan capacity, and management and reporting software. The reproduction resources are part of a broader digitisation project covering document management, file management, archiving and reports.  Within the legal framework, a call-off contract was requested under the framework agreement concluded by the central procurement department.

During the preparations of this project, ZORG Leuven organised strategic workshops, where a strategy chart was drawn up. The clarity this established allowed the existing framework agreement to be negotiated with the supplier, resulting in an addendum to the contract with circular goals which have been almost entirely realised.

This case shows that circular criteria are not limited to new contracts, but contractual arrangements with existing partners can also be negotiated within ongoing agreements. According to Zorg Leuven, dialogue with the sector is an essential aspect in reaching good circular agreements. The supplier is so enthusiastic that it’s now introducing circular models in other projects.

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