Circular Signs and Navigation

This Interreg NSR ProCirc pilot relates to the circular procurement of signage and navigation by the City of Malmö. Signs mainly for buildings, stating what kind of operation the building accommodates, and signs for navigation inside.

The City of Malmö hasn’t had a framework contract within this category before and therefore the value and scope was difficult to calculate. The estimation was calculated at about 200 Euros a year. The city is also discussing a new graphical profile and therefore this also needs to be taken into consideration during the contract period. 

The ambition is to lower the climate impact from signs, therefore to boost circularity, through reuse of the organisation’s (City of Malmö’s) signs to as high a degree as possible. Firstly the signs should be reused within the organisation, and secondly reused or redesigned by the supplier. The last stage is recycling. New signs and material for repairing signs must deliver on several environmental standards, with avoiding hazardous chemicals as the goal. Reused acrylic should be used. The contract also includes design, consultation, assembly and repair, and the supplier must set up a list of what kind of signs may be taken back. The supplier should also help the City of Malmö to estimate saved CO2 emissions and prevented waste. 

The focus for this procurement was on the process of managing the product over its lifecycle and not only on the product itself. The supplier developed a process document on how the loop should be closed for signs. This is a process that we can learn from and implement in relation to other product categories.

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