De Potterij

Interreg NSR ProCirc pilot - investigation into circular construction solutions for interior design

De Potterij is a 4,000-m² city lab in the heart of Mechelen, where entrepreneurs, organisations and citizens who want to actively give a helping hand in the transition to the circular economy will be given space. OVAM owns the building, and wants to renovate it on the basis of a circular model wherever possible.

This specific procurement project is aimed at flexible, circular, construction solutions for interior design, so it must be possible to adapt the design to changing needs or disassemble it. This extends the lifespan, and avoids waste and transport (emissions).  We’re looking for suppliers and producers who can offer solutions for the specific situation of De Potterij, and we’re going to let them experiment in the city lab before purchasing a system. We’re happy to share, within ProCirc, the lessons learned here about solutions for temporary use of buildings, but obviously we’d also like to learn from others.

OVAM, Vlaanderen Circulair, BMWSTR, Stad Mechelen

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