Education & Office Furniture Framework

Scotland Excel manage a £2bn portfolio of over 70 collaborative contracts on behalf of the Scottish Government. Frameworks are two stage procurement approaches that initally select suppliers of commonly procureed goods, services or works who have signed up to pre-agreed terms and conditions. Frameworks ensure that members achieve best value from procurement through their combined spending power.

This Education & Office Furniture 4-year framework, with an approximate value of £32 Million, will provide all 32 Scottish Councils and other participating bodies with a mechanism to procure a range of furniture suitable for classrooms, pre-5 environments, dining rooms, flexible learning and workspaces, office environments, meeting rooms and reception areas.

The framework was retendered in 2020, and commenced 1st September 2021.

It comprises 6 lots:

  1. Education Furniture (12 suppliers)
  2. Education Dining Furniture (11 suppliers)
  3. Pre-5 Furniture (13 suppliers)
  4. Education Full-Kit Out (11 suppliers)
  5. Office Furniture (14 suppliers)
  6. Office Full-Kit Out (14 suppliers)

21 suppliers were awarded on the framework across these lots – many suppliers were awarded more than one Lot - of which 76% are SMEs.

ProCirc support was provided by Sustainable Procurement Limited (SPL) on behalf of Zero Waste Scotland, specifically to assist the framework developer to embed relevant circular considerations into the tender.

Sustainable measures include commitment to:

  • Use of recycled content within products.
  • Processes to support the reuse of packaging.
  • Services to extend the useful life of products, such as take-back furniture schemes to repair and remanufacture products.
  • Transport strategies to reduce the environmental impact of transportation.
  • Adoption of alternatively fuelled vehicles, namely hybrid or electric, to reduce carbon emissions.

ProCirc support was also provided to assist the supplier selection evaluation panel with how to evaluate a good response to the sustainability question through attending the framework panel and providing follow up advice to the category manager.

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