End-of-life solutions for work textiles

Vayamundo went in search of a way to preserve the value of the textiles of their uniforms at the end of their lifespan.

Vayamundo supplies a very wide range of uniforms for holiday club staff. The company was looking for circular solutions for this work textile, initially with a view to repair and improved monitoring of clothing stocks and movements, to reduce the need to buy new uniforms. It also conducted market research into end-of-life options.

No bidders were interested in a tender on taking over the end-of-life work textiles. A study showed that extremely large volumes are required to make it worth collecting the material, there are considerable costs involved, and the diversity of uniforms presents a hurdle. Coincidentally, Vayamundo came into contact earlier with a local non-profit organisation that uses second-hand textiles in gifts which are sold and the profits donated to charity. Vayamundo's end-of-life uniforms are now given a second life as a raw material for the products of the non-profit organisation.


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