Energy Efficiency Contractors Framework

Scotland Excel manage a £2bn portfolio of over 70 collaborative contracts on behalf of the Scottish Government. Frameworks are two stage procurement approaches that initially select suppliers of commonly procured goods, services or works who have signed up to pre-agreed terms and conditions. Frameworks ensure that members achieve best value from procurement through their combined spending power.

Scotland Excel’s energy efficiency contractors framework went live in February 2022 and is expected to bring up to £800 million worth of business opportunities over the 3 year framework. 46 UK based suppliers have joined the framework, including 33 Scottish SMEs.

This second generation framework helps councils and other social landlords to source technical and service requirements they need to implement energy efficiency measures through retrofitting existing buildings partially or wholly owned by Scottish councils, Scotland Excel associate members and other bodies. This seeks to cut emissions, tackle fuel poverty and create warmer homes. The framework is aligned with and reflects the aims of the Scottish Government’s Heat in Buildings Strategy. It ‘has social and environmental policy objectives at its core, to support our members to tackle fuel poverty, reduce carbon emissions and aid a green recovery’.

It covers professional services like energy efficiency designers, coordinator, assessors, as well as building fabric measures like wall, floor and roof insulation, door and window replacement, retrofit, and roof repair and replacement. It will also include heating, hot water and ventilation measures for electric and gas systems, and renewables and energy storage measures.

The 21 retrofit measures and four professional roles relating to the delivery of the retrofit measures are contained within 4 Lots:

Lot 1 – Professional Services: 4 sub-lots

Lot 2 – Building Fabric Measures: 10 sub-lots

Lot 3 – Heating, Hot Water and Ventilation Measures: 7 sub-lots

Lot 4 – Renewables and Energy Storage Measures: 4 sub-lots

The framework is a fundamental enabler that will support the Scottish Government’s key policy objective of attaining net zero by 2045 and has social and environmental policy objectives at its core.

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