Essenscia CPN - Circular Procurement Network

Circular procurement for the chemical, plastics and life sciences sector

Companies operating in the chemical, plastics and life sciences sector are subject to strict regulations, which makes circular procurement more complex. To help these companies, Essenscia founded the Circular Procurement Network (CAN).

Essenscia CAN, the circular procurement network, was established in late 2017 with the support of Circular Flanders in the context of the Green Deal Circular Procurement. This network shares tips & tricks, collectively tackles problems, encourages innovative business models, and stimulates innovation to switch to biobased raw materials, all with a view to circular procurement and sales.

Essenscia CAN: 

  • organised three sector-specific events
  • launched  a website which included a number of useful overview documents with lots of tips & tricks and links to useful tools for embedding circular procurement in daily business practice. The references are classified according to the level of knowledge and experience, so that information specific to the case can be selected.
  • released a three-part toolbox in cooperation with Louvain Management School

The Essenscia Wallonie Department is committed to joining the Waalse Green Deal Achats Durable (Walloon Green Deal Sustainable Procurement), which was launched in 2020, as a facilitator. Essenscia also hopes to inspire sectors supplied by the chemistry, plastics and life sciences sectors.



Partners Louvain School of Management

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