Feasibility study into a circular model for cycle bridges

The City of Antwerp investigates circular options for bicycle bridges

The City of Antwerp is investing in safe cycling infrastructure, which includes the construction of a number of bicycle bridges. Besides criteria such as cost price, timing and user comfort, sustainability is also an important aspect of urban purchasing policy. Some of the planned bicycle bridges are temporary, so bridge designs based on the circular model are being considered. This raises questions about the technical and procedural feasibility. To gain insight into the options and methods for creating circular bicycle bridges, the City of Antwerp engaged a study agency for an exploratory study.

The project yielded a report of the feasibility study on the one hand, and a calculation tool on the other. This tool helps compare the circularity potential of different designs, allowing this award criterion to be assessed objectively in a procurement procedure. The report consists of a list of 40 examples from around the world of bicycle and other bridges based on circular models, a list and assessment of existing tools, and an evaluation of building materials.

The City still has to draw up initial building contracts with circular criteria at the moment, but when these instruments are ready, this process will be much easier. Use the form below to request the results of the study.

Photo by shota James on Unsplash

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