From discarded textiles to recycled fibres

Circletex commits itself to reuse

CIRCLETEX wants to work with all the players in the chain of corporate clothing, protective clothing and flat linen on investigating whether a system can be set up where these textile waste streams can be repaired, reused or recycled when collected at their end-of-life. This prevents the value of the textile from being lost in the incinerator, or being exported and having a negative impact on the planet.

When recycled, the new fibres can be reused to make new work clothing, protective clothing and flat linen, or other textiles. This project is directed at products and production methods well known to the various operators in the chain. Various Flemish manufacturers, laundries and linen rental companies operate in this area. The traders and their collectors have to cooperate to identify the technical challenges involved with end-of-life textile, and find solutions for issues such as mixed fibres, contamination, etc. Companies specialising in unravelling different types of textile fibres will also be involved in this cooperation. What makes this project unique is that materials are brought into a loop within the same sector. It stimulates the recycling of collected textiles in local Flemish applications, which will certainly boost employment.

Creamoda, Fedustria, FBT, COBEREC

Partners Vlaanderen Circulair

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