Furniture for circular building 't Centrum

In Belgium, Kamp C constructed the fully circular office building ‘t Centrum. Kamp C is an autonomous agency of the province of Antwerp and an Interreg NSR ProCirc partner. The new office needed furniture, and obviously, Kamp C wanted this to be circular furniture to match the circular ambitions of the building itself. That’s why they launched a pilot for the circular procurement of office furniture. 

Kamp C discovered that the Flanders Agency for Facility Operations has a framework agreement with Nnof for the procurement of circular office furniture (which is another pilot project, run by Circular Flanders). This framework agreement can be used by government agencies in Flanders without having to set up a separate procurement process. This is significant because not having to set up a separate procurement process saved Kamp C a lot of time and effort. 

Kamp C and Nnof established a procedure to find out what Kamp C would need in its new office. They compared that list to what Nnof already had in stock. Indeed, in addition to its role as a consultant, Nnof also has a stock of used and refurbished office furniture from previous projects, as well as a workshop where used furniture can be remanufactured or repaired (e.g. machines for scraping off worn top layers and relining). 

As a result, Kamp C did not need to buy any new office furniture. Most of its previous office furniture was moved to ‘t Centrum, and Kamp C purchased several second-hand items from Nnof’s stock.

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