Hangar K

Circularly furnished co-creation hub

Hangar K is more than just a coworking space. It is a co-creation hub where starters, growers and established companies are brought together under a single roof with a clear mission: to strengthen the business climate. Hangar K connects startups with growth ambitions and established companies in search of inspiration and innovation. This dynamic concept has a clear mission to unite, connect and strengthen innovative entrepreneurs. Hangar K is a catalyst for co-creation and cross-fertilisation between startups, growers and established companies. In Hangar K, entrepreneurs support each other, learn from each other, and make their growth ambitions a reality. They work together on designing specific answers to the increasing demand for innovative applications. Thanks to its multi-facetted partner expertise, Hangar K also offers access to business practice and the academic expertise of colleges and universities.

The interior was designed in collaboration with Junoo. The modular layout means it’s easy to respond to changing user needs.

On the action day on 25 September 2018, Piet Verhoeve, manager of Hangar K, explained:

"Hangar K transcends itself as a workspace, providing inspiring and modular workplaces whose use can continually accompany the changing needs of the users of the building. This alone makes it circular; all the materials and techniques used in the design of the incubator are focussed on the materials being easy to disassemble and reuse. Some principles of the circular model of the building interior:

  • Use of natural (non-toxic) materials, maximising renewable raw materials (natural fibres such as wood, felt, etc.) or materials that are 100% reusable and recyclable (glass, wood, etc.). 
  • Modular concepts with multiple uses (workplace, meeting room, dining room, training room, etc.).
  • Less material, but this material can be used for multiple functions.
  • Possibility to create different zones, with uniform and easily removable materials
  • Reuse of waste generated in the design through cooperation with Coderdojo (walls used by children for robotics applications)"

Hangar K

Partners Junoo

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