Kamp C builds 't Centrum

A fine example of innovative and circular procurement

In 2020, Kamp C will start constructing 't Centrum on its site in Westerlo. This will be the first building in Flanders constructed according to a circular model, and a hotspot for innovation in circularity in the construction industry. 't Centrum is designed to be easily adaptable during its lifespan, without the need for lots of extra energy and new materials. When the building is outdated, it can be completely disassembled and the materials reused. All the materials used are recorded in a Building Information Model (BIM) and a raw material depot. 't Centrum also offers an experimental space for circular business models, such as exterior joinery as a service. Kamp C hopes that this pilot project will provide insight into the opportunities and barriers of circular procurement in construction projects. They hope that the lessons learned help accelerate the circular transition in the construction industry.

In preparation for the procurement, Kamp C organised a stakeholder meeting on 12 June 2018, where the process and ambitions for the circular building were presented and assessed. In November 2018, Kamp C released the selection guidelines on the market, with the aim of selecting three construction consortia for the next step in the procurement procedure. Registrations were closed in February 2019. No fewer than seven consortia, comprising some 50 companies, submitted proposals. A jury composed of 6 members led by an independent chair then assigned the teams the most objective score possible. This proved to be a complicated task, since all the consortia had sufficient capacities, expertise and knowledge of various aspects of circular construction. The project is currently awarded to the consortium 'Kamp Circulair' with the contractor Beneens from Olen at the helm. TEN, Streng-th, Muurtuin, West Architectuur, Tenerga and VITO are also part of the team.

Jonathan Verdonck can provide his contract documents and experiences subject to a simple request.

Kamp C

Partners Vlaanderen Circulair, Thomas More Hogeschool, adviserend consortium ATP

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