Kortrijk library illuminated with LAAS

Kortrijk is the first public administration to opt for lighting-as-service with Signify

The library in Kortrijk is the first building in Belgium to be equipped with circular lighting. In this business model, the supplier (Philips Lighting) is engaged as the partner for supplying light, rather than lamps. The city of Kortrijk buys lighting-as-a-service for its library, and Philips Lighting remains the owner of the lighting installation. A 10-year performance contract has been concluded, which specifies that Philips Lighting provides the library with the best possible lighting, along with updates as these become available. At the end of the contract, Philips Lighting has undertaken to reuse the lighting fixtures elsewhere, or reuse the parts. Options include extending the contract or the City taking over the installation. 'Smart' LED lighting can cut energy consumption by up to 80%. 

The City wants to set an example to others by demonstrating that as-a-service business models are feasible in practice. The City of Kortrijk is underlining its ambition to be a circularity pioneer with this project.

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