Lighting-as-a-service in the City of Mechelen

ETAP sells light rather than lamps to illuminate City offices

The City of Mechelen was the first customer for ETAP's lighting-as-a-service (LAAS). 

In a LAAS model, lamps aren’t sold, but light. ETAP is responsible for providing the City of Mechelen with good quality light throughout the contract, which includes making sure the lighting works properly and any repairs or maintenance are carried out. The City of Mechelen in turn pays a fixed fee for the service.

ETAP is taking a step in the direction of the circular economy with this project. It’s in everyone's interest, not least the company itself, that the lamps are handled as sustainably as possible. ETAP's lighting uses the latest LED technology, which reduces energy consumption by at least 30%. ETAP is also committed to give the lighting installations a new use when a contract ends.

The first City of Mechelen building has now been equipped with LAAS,  with the other three buildings following at the end of December 2019. After the current contract expires, the city can decide whether to renew it. The road that led to this this result involved a total of two and a half years work. It represents a fantastic practical example that has already been adopted internationally.

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