Medybin - medical waste in a green jacket

Sustainable Solutions for Medical Waste: Vanheede's Environmentally Friendly Medybin Waste Container

The waste management company Vanheede Environment Group has been committed to circular waste management for decades. With the introduction of Medybin, they now offer an environmentally friendly alternative to medical waste containers.

The family business Vanheede specializes in processing waste into new, green raw materials or green energy. In doing so, they offer their clients a complete waste management plan, including the provision of the necessary waste containers and the collection, sorting and processing of the collected waste. In doing so, the company uses innovative technologies, always with the environment in mind.

With the Medybin waste container, Vanheede targets hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The container for high-risk medical waste is made of 100% recycled raw materials collected and sorted by Vanheede itself. Moreover, the waste containers are inspected, which means they also meet the necessary safety and quality standards. Thus, with their Medybin, Vanheede contributes to a more sustainable approach to waste processing in healthcare and offers hospitals and other healthcare institutions an ecological alternative to traditional waste containers made from virgin raw materials.

Vanheede Environment Group

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