PLOT practice hall

The Province of Limburg builds a circular training centre

The Province of Limburg builds according to a circular model

The Province of Limburg is building a new multifunctional training hall for the education and training centre (PLOT - Provincie Limburg Opleiding en Training) on the former Zwartberg mining site, according to a circular model.

It has to be possible to return the building materials used in the PLOT education and training centre for the police, fire service and ambulance service into the chain during demolition without loss of quality. This requires a flexible design, but also efforts from all the operators in the chain, such as manufacturers, legislators, contracting authorities, contractors, and demolition crews.

The province wants to share the expertise acquired here. The Department of the Environment, Nature and Energy (LNE) is going to organise workshops in collaboration with Dubolimburg. Dubolimburg is the provincial support centre for sustainable construction and living, and Limburg's consultancy partner for sustainable building for five target groups: private individuals, government authorities, professionals, NGOs, and educational institutions.

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