Prolonging lifecycle of baby strollers for preschools

In Sweden, most preschools are run by the municipalities. In the city of Malmö, there are over 200 preschools for which the municipality procures baby strollers and buses. The products are generally of good quality and have the potential to last for many years. However, in the past, suppliers of the products did not provide maintenance service, as that was not part of the procurement and contract. A local caretaker provided the maintenance, or it was not done at all. There has not been a clear procedure for this, resulting in products that are quick to malfunction and unnecessary new purchases.

The city of Malmö has ambitious sustainability goals, including becoming a net-zero emissions organisation by 2030 and specific targets for resource efficiency and circularity. Purchasing and procurement have been identified as key areas and tools to achieve these goals. So when the framework agreement for the baby strollers and buses was due for renewal, the municipality of Malmö seized the opportunity to include circular ambitions in the tender. By adding maintenance, refurbishment and repair to the tender, the aim is to prolong the lifecycle of the strollers. The estimated value of the framework agreement is around EUR 560,000.

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