An interior with a story

Making furniture that tells a story is the aim of Turnhout-based company ResourceLab. Working with architects, they provide offices and other interiors with unique, custom-made pieces of furniture. What makes their creations so special is the fact that they try to work with reclaimed wood as much as possible. Shelves discarded by others are turned into fitting rooms by Resourcelab. Furniture that cannot be sold in thrift shops is converted into new office furniture.

ResourceLab also combines their sustainable raw materials policy with an inclusive working environment. Under the guidance of craftsmen, people who are struggling on the labour market are used to build the furniture. So each piece of furniture tells a unique story, both in terms of materials and the people who make them.

Meanwhile, ResourceLab's furniture can be admired in various offices, hospitality businesses and shops. However, not only companies, but also individuals can come to them for custom-made furniture pieces, such as dining tables, chairs and cabinets in all shapes and sizes.


Partners De Kringwinkel, Beneens bouw&interieur