Spadel commits itself to operating with a fully circular model by 2025

The GDCA REFIL project studies circularity in packaging

The Spadel group, which is active in the Benelux, Bulgaria, France and the United Kingdom, sells natural mineral water, spring water and drinks based on natural water. Spadel is a great believer in the importance of sustainable development. With 'Source of Change', the company has committed itself to making all their operations fully circular by 2025. Their participation in the GDCA reflects these ambitions. 

Spadel’s REFIL project is designed to tackle packaging, with the ambition being a reduction in non-renewable virgin input. This is being put into practice by gradually increasing the amount of recycled material in PET bottles and packaging film. In 2020, the packaging film for one of their brands will consist entirely of recycled material. 

Geert Maddens, Corporate Purchaser at Spadel, says he has learned a lot from participating in the GDCA. “Packaging affects our entire business, so we had to involve many disciplines, each with a different priority. Getting everyone involved in this change is a challenge. Circular procurement is partly change management, and we also need to get the market on board. Sustainable packaging is on the rise, but it’s still a challenge to properly balance what the market can already offer and what our customers want.”

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