Sustainable processing of old work and image clothing

Fluvius reuses old textiles

In 2019, Fluvius submitted a project application for the Open Call of Circular Flanders to give the workwear of ex-Eandis, ex-Infrax and ex-Integan a second life. Fluvius originated from the merger of Eandis and Infrax, and later Integan also became part of Fluvius. As a result of these mergers, their work clothes could no longer be used. Fluvius wanted to process all that clothing sustainably. To this end, they work with local players as much as possible, to give our local economy a boost and at the same time keep the ecological footprint small.

  • Research institute Centexbel  acted as an expert. They guided the search for the right partners and investigated the best conditions to realize our project.
  • Design Atelier van den Boorn – Pōur  developed the sustainable design of the clothing.
  • European Spinning Group (ESG) spun the yarns.
  • De Geest took care of the knitting and the clothing.

Today, part of the clothing has been processed into a series of new, circular clothing items for employees: hoodies, hats and scarves. Fluvius sells this clothing to employees as part of their year-end promotion. They donate the proceeds to the Food Banks.

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