Sustainable workplaces with Drisag

From Workplaces to Sustainable Spaces that Work

Drisag, driven by the motto 'from workplaces to places that work', is known for its commitment to developing interior designs that not only promote employee wellbeing but also respect the environment.

Fifty years ago, Drisag began facilitating offices and has since grown into a modern company that specialises in developing interior design concepts ranging from workstations to lunch and reception areas. Drisag is convinced that feeling good in a working environment enhances productivity and creativity. Therefore, in addition to the usual office furniture, they also offer, for example, mood lighting, office accessories and outdoor furniture. Because their production workshop is located directly behind their showroom, they keep the chain between production and customer short and try to minimise their ecological footprint.

When developing their interior design concepts, modularity and circularity are also two big drivers for Drisag. They try to use recycled materials as much as possible in the production process and attach importance to extending the lifespan of their products as much as possible. When, over time, customer requirements change or a component shows wear, Drisag can respond perfectly. In fact, their current furniture is built in such a way that no connection is permanent. This means that every part of their furniture can be disassembled and therefore replaced and/or reused. They also regularly evaluate their already existing interior concepts and adjust them if necessary. Because they specialise in reupholstering, they can, for example, very easily change the colour of seating furniture. In this way, Drisag's furniture continues to grow with the customer and promotes a sustainable office interior.