The City of Kortrijk disassembles end-of-life service vehicles

Circularity in cooperation agreements

The City of Kortrijk wants to use a circular model to deal with its service vehicles that have reached the end of their lifespans. The new vehicles selected have climate-friendly engines.

Service vehicles are replaced for various reasons: age, general technical condition, or obsolete or outdated emission standards. If these vehicles were sold on the second-hand market, there is a real chance that they would continue to be used for a number of years. There’s a possibility that they would be exported to countries with a less stringent approach to the technical condition and emission standards. This would be counterproductive to the efforts by the City of Kortrijk to promote climate friendliness and circularity. Any financial gains from such sales would not outweigh the associated social costs.

By concluding a cooperation agreement on dismantling these service vehicles, the City of Kortijk can be certain that they will never be used again. In addition, the dismantling, depollution, recycling and administrative handling will all be carried out in the right conditions.

The City of Kortrijk is very pleased with the current cooperation agreement.

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