The City of Roeselare commits itself to the social and circular economy

Whitegoods for newcomers and circular office furniture as spearheads

The City of Roeselare is setting up a pilot for the circular procurement of furniture and household appliances for LOI (local accommodation initiative) homes. The following circular goals are central to the approach:

  • Longer lifespan due to:
    • more repair
    • better maintenance
    • engagement with the living culture of users
    • choice of product when purchasing
  • Solutions at the end of life

Timo Wyffels: "We’re looking for solutions to extend the lifespan of existing products, and at the same time we want the circular impact to be immediately incorporated in new purchases. We’re working with experts in the field of social procurement on guiding purchasers towards the circular procurement of furniture and whitegoods (dishwashers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.) for 88 shelters for newcomers. We mainly want to focus on the transition from product to service, and we’re currently studying how we can engage the social economy as a partner for providing services. Another project is about purchasing circular (refurbished) furniture, where we’re also looking at how we can set up a partnership with the second-hand circuit.

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