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The Flemish government’s Facility Services Agency opts for circular office furnishings

Interreg NSR ProCirc Pilot - circular organisation of government offices

The Flemish Government’s Facility Services Agency resolutely opts for circularity, where reuse is a strategy to reduce the total amount of materials consumed. 

The shrinkage of workplaces and office redesigns at various government authorities led to a lot of unwanted office furniture, as well as a demand for adapted materials. The Facility Services Agency came to the conclusion that furniture was only exchanged on a project-by-project basis. The agency wanted to make the range of surplus furniture clear and upgrade it, with a view to optimal reuse, possibly following refurbishment.

The Facility Services Agency drew up an inventory of all the surplus office furniture from the various departments of the Flemish government. This made it a lot easier to give it a second life. 

"It might all seem somewhat bizarre, but the refurbishment contract recently concluded by the Flemish government has made it all possible: old bookcases have been turned into new seating blocks, desk tops have become partitions, and even an old sports floor has been used for the table tops in the lunch area. The Flemish government supports the circular economy, and encourages the reuse of materials in its buildings. Refurbishment of office furniture gives existing furniture a second life by creating new products with existing raw materials. These are then reused in one of the office buildings. The Facility Services Agency has already concluded 2 framework contracts, which mean Flemish government and local authority entities can easily purchase refurbished office furniture. These framework contracts were concluded with NNOF (Nearly New Office Facilities), a consultancy firm with 22 employees specialised in sustainable workplace equipment, and with extensive experience in refurbishment solutions. Besides preliminary and other consultancy work and drawing up inventories, NNOF also refurbishes the office furniture in its own site in Vilvoorde."

The Facility Services Agency is continuing its commitment to ProCirc, the North Sea Interreg project.

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