Together towards a circular daycare facility

Daycares receive guidance on circular purchases

Wingparent makes things easier for daycares: we offer an ecosystem with all the products (food, pharma, etc.) and services (waste processing, maintenance contracts, etc.) they need for their daily operation. Wingparent manages the entire chain: we purchase, manage the products and services but also do the actual deliveries in daycares. This position allows us to achieve a true circular transition from A to Z in daycare. We can effectively steer purchasing behaviour in the sector towards circular solutions (e.g. a sustainable product is sometimes more expensive, but results in a lower cost on the waste invoice = total saving). With this project, we want to start up circular transition trajectories for daycares: we analyse the organisation (data), the purchasing behaviour and offer support (financial information, training, exchange of experiences, good practices, upcycling workshops, etc.) towards more circular purchases. Eventually, we take the first steps towards a label “Circular Daycare”.

Leon Furrow (Wingparent)

Partners Wingparent (Leon Furrow BV)

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