University Hospital Antwerp (UZA) includes circularity in catering contract

Peter Bottelberghts: "The UZA has already concluded a circular contract concerning the operation of the patient kitchen, staff restaurant and commercial area in a public–private partnership for a period of at least 10 years. Of the initial 6 candidates, 4 were selected to submit proposals. Three of the candidates then did so. One of the sub-criteria under the vision and quality criterion was “sustainability and the circular economy”; the extent to which the concept of sustainability and the circular economy was taken into account in the concept presentation. Despite the different approaches, the three candidates were all given the same score for this part (70%). The proposals range from refurbished furniture to processing coffee waste and reducing food waste. We left sustainability and circularity very open in the contract documents, so that there would be lots of opportunities to negotiate. This is also our advice; aim to leave as many things open as possible, and try to negotiate with the tenderers about the desired circular impact.


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