Werflink app

Sharing platform for construction companies and yards

Construction companies and sites often have surpluses of structural and finishing materials, and site equipment and space are also not used continuously. The Werflink app is an online platform where material, equipment, surpluses, freight and storage space can be shared, exchanged, rented and sold.

This offers an opportunity for individual construction companies, and by extension the entire sector, to commit to circularity by reducing the total amount of material used and reducing waste on the construction site. Fewer raw materials are spoiled, and waste is avoided. It also saves cash, because no new equipment has to be purchased.

The platform is simple, safe and reliable, because it facilitates every aspect of the process, from start to finish: matchmaking between supply and demand, online closing of the deal, digital leases, secure online payment, invoicing, and user reviews. Every company in the construction industry can participate in Werflink, and register free of charge to advertise its unused equipment and materials, and share these with other companies. 

After a 12-month pilot, Werflink has nearly 650 users in Belgium, and almost 300 active construction companies. 58 matches were registered, with a total value of more than 45,000 euros. Werflink hopes that it can continue to grow so it can utilise its full potential, contribute to a circular model for the construction industry, and reduce the industry’s environmental impact.

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