Zonnige Kempen

Interreg NSR ProCirc - circular homes

The demonstration example of the Belgian social housing company Zonnige Kempen will showcase the potential for maximization of reuse of materials as part of the phased deep renovation of 40 social dwellings built in the 1960s. The building structure will be up-cycled as well as interior components.

The materials collected in each renovation phase will be stored on site and upcycled in subsequent renovation phases. By phasing the total renovation, input and advise from the other project partners can be given after each phase. The amount of recycled heavy and light material will be compared to the demolition project Cardijnlaan, Booischot of the social housing company Zonnige Kempen. This project will occur in the same timeframe, giving clear insights in the amount of tons of materials prevented from downcycling.

With this example Zonnige Kempen creates a material exchange platform on site of a renovation project and implements phased circular renovation in procurement processes. Furthermore, Zonnige Kempen will build 2 apartments with maximum reuse of materials in the earlier stage of the project and 3 dwellings in the later stage that will incorporate design and construct for reuse for building components that cannot be generated from reused materials.

If the change in the procurement procedure has better results than the business as usual, it will be applied in all public procurement procedures. Furthermore, Zonnige Kempen will disseminate the knowledge to other social housing companies.

Besides a pilot project within ProCirc, Zonnige Kempen is also a demonstration example within the CHARM Project (Interreg North-West Europe), which addresses the challenge to create a resource efficient society focussing on social housing.

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