Purchase and sale of second-hand IT


Brief description of services

Your depreciated IT is worth money. Ecubel is market leader in Belgium for the purchase and sale of used IT hardware. Enjoy the residual value of your ICT infrastructure carefree thanks to 30 years of experience and specialized knowledge. Including guaranteed data destruction and a complete service.

Why is the product or service circular?

We extend the life of your IT by giving it a second life. We are an approved reuse center and aim for maximum reuse. We sell fully revised laptops, PCs, screens, ... with warranty to end users, companies, schools, non-profit organizations, ...

Which circular strategies are applied?

  • Reduce total amount of materials: We are a recycling center and therefore aim for maximum reuse. We will clean, test and upgrade the IT equipment to sell the device back. The material that is no longer salable is transported to recognized processors.

What are the benefits for procurers?

You can contact us for sustainable IT management. We offer a complete service for your discarded IT Equipment, including a GDPR compliant certified data disposal. Our webshop has a nice range of refurbished laptops, PC, smarthones, screens, ... Thanks to our own stock and full management of the reuse process, we know exactly what we are delivering. We mainly purchase in Belgium for local reuse. This short chain keeps our CO2 footprint small.

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A. Reduce total amount of materials