Circular roll containers

Brief description of services

Countless waste bins are currently used to collect recyclables, so it’s only logical that the waste bin itself is 100% circular! Our waste bins are made from 100% recycled material, and at the end of their lifecycle we take them back to turn them into new waste bins.

Why is the product or service circular?

We produce different types of waste receptacles with ESE. We collect, grind, and melt down old roll containers, then use this a s raw material to make new high-quality roll containers. In other words, a perfect loop.

Which circular strategies are applied?

  • Reduce total amount of materials: From the outset, the roll containers are designed to as little material as possible.
  • Reduce amount of virgin inputs: Our entire production process was adapted so we could use recycled plastic. At the moment, we’re managing to use an average of 60% recyclate in production.
  • Maximise the reusability or recyclability of material: Our roll containers can be completely and perfectly recycled. The bodies and lids are ground again, then we take them back. The axles and wheels can also be perfectly recycled.


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A. Reduce total amount of materials
B. Reduce amount of virgin inputs
E. Maximise the reusability or recyclability of materials