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Circular facade

Brief description of services

At the moment, the construction industry is responsible for 40% of waste streams; hardly surprising, when you see how buildings are designed. The materials are often stuck together or designed in a way which doesn’t permit reuse. When these buildings are changed or demolished, the materials inevitably become waste. Facadeclick has developed a facing brick that clicks together like Lego, and can be reused in the same way.

Why is the product or service circular?

Facadeclick can be completely disassembled and reused. The materials can be easily separated from each other, which makes it easy to close loops.

Which circular strategies are applied?

  • Maximise the reusability of a product or component: Maximise the reusability of a product or component
  • Maximise the reusability or recyclability of materials: The product is designed for disassembly and reuse, but even if reuse isn’t feasible due to damage during disassembly, the bricks can still be perfectly recycled. We even use green energy to do this!

What are the benefits for purchasers?

Technical advantages:

  • no efflorescence
  • installation doesn’t depend on the weather
  • cheaper due to lower installation costs


Sectors Construction


D. Maximise the reusable of a product or component
E. Maximise the reusability or recyclability of materials