Circular Interior walls

Brief description of services

JuuNoo is a fixed interior wall that is not demolished when a room is redesigned, but simply clicked off and installed elsewhere. The multiple finishing options prove that circular products and design can go hand in hand perfectly!

Why is the product or service circular?

The JuuNoo modular wall system is designed to be reused time and time again. This opens the door to new circular procurement options, such as leasing office partitioning based on JuuNoo frames. This helps make the vast amount of landfill waste generated by a building a thing of the past.

Which circular strategies are applied?

  • Reduce total amount of materials: Making walls reusable significantly reduces the number of parts that have to be made. The modular structure reduces the amount of errors, reducing waste generation during installation.
  • Extend the useful life: While a classic wall often lasts only a few years, the JuuNoo wall has been developed to be reused for 100 or more years.
  • Maximise the reusability of a product or component: The JuuNoo wall building system was specifically designed for quick installation and dismantling. The cost of reuse is lower than the cost of demolition and installing a new wall.

What are the benefits for purchasers?

JuuNoo allows you to redesign your spaces more efficiently according to the changing needs of your teams, resulting in more job satisfaction and better productivity of all employees.

The simple, fast installation makes the JuuNoo system easy to use in both very small and much larger projects. Redesigning your office space becomes a much smoother process, so nuisance is minimised. The compartmentation, final finish (screens, paint, decors, whiteboard, felt, printed textiles, etc.) or both can be adjusted.

The seamless finishing method combined with the wealth of possibilities keeps your office looking high-end, and all your employees feeling good!

If you decide you need fewer dividing walls, you don’t have to worry about expensive demolition either. JuuNoo can be disassembled very quickly. It also retains a high residual value, which means that JuuNoo delivers a positive financial return at the end of its 'first' life.



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A. Reduce total amount of materials
C. Extend the useful life
D. Maximise the reusable of a product or component