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Brief description of services

Working with us means helping the environment and employment within a social business model. We give items a second life, and reduce the amount sent to landfill. We offer high-quality second-hand products at competitive prices, and we also help 5,400 employees with fewer opportunities on the labour market to get meaningful jobs.

Why is the product or service circular?

Besides avoiding waste, product reuse is the most important step in the circular economy. Our expertise in sorting and recycling prevents 67,000 tonnes of goods from ending up in landfill every year. Our thrift shops also reuse products and materials for other purposes via a range of creative projects.

Which circular strategies are applied?

  • Reduce total amount of materials: All 'De Kringwinkel' thrift shops sell reusable goods, reducing the amount sent to landfill. Lots of these shops also offer a rental service, repair bicycles, and create original upcycled products.
  • Extend the useful life: Various 'De Kringwinkel' thrift shops have repair workshops (for electrical equipment, bicycles, etc.), or offer an after-sales repair service. Stimulating second-hand purchases helps products get a new life with another user or in another application.

What are the benefits for purchasers?

  • You help the environment and employment within a social business model: real added social value.
  • You contribute to real local reuse (besides waste, the most important step in the circular economy).
  • Our second-hand items are competitively priced, so budget friendly.
  • Free collection of reusable items.


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A. Reduce total amount of materials
C. Extend the useful life