Brief description of services

Finance our circular service partly or completely with your energy savings (more than 70%). In an office building, lighting is responsible for 19% of the energy consumption. Saving 70% therefore also leads to substantial savings on CO2 emissions. In addition, employees with more comfortable lighting are happier.

Why is the product or service circular?

Because you buy light instead of lighting. Philips remains the owner, and is therefore also responsible for maintenance, lifespan, 2nd loop and recycling.

Which circular strategies are applied?

  • Extend the useful life: We extend the useful life by proactive maintenance and optimal programming aligned to the contract duration. Thanks to the modular design, the product is easier to service and upgradable.
  • Maximise the reusability of a product or component: The design allows for simple, non-destructive disassembly. Thanks to the modular design, the product and components can be reused.
  • Maximise the reusability or recyclability of materials: There are no encapsulated drivers, glued connections or complicated connections.

What are the benefits for purchasers?

You enjoy relief of all concerns. The investment required is limited or eliminated completely thanks to the sharp drop in energy consumption associated with LED technology. This concept also contributes to other sustainability goals, because less energy also means fewer CO2 emissions.



C. Extend the useful life
D. Maximise the reusable of a product or component
E. Maximise the reusability or recyclability of materials