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Corporate clothing

Brief description of services

Our collection service completely relieves you of concerns in the field of basic corporate clothing. Every step in the chain is known and documented, so your wearers or customers are guaranteed that this product was developed and produced correctly and carefully. What sets them apart are the wide range of colours!

Why is the product or service circular?

The CottoVer collection is made from recycled polyester and organic Fairtrade cotton. It’s GOTS-certified, and bears the Nordic eco-label.

Which circular strategies are applied?

  • Reduce amount of virgin inputs: This collection, made from recycled polyester, is GOTS-certified.

What are the benefits for purchasers?

The entire chain is transparent. We can monitor every step in the production process; from picking the cotton to the product ending up in our warehouses.

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B. Reduce amount of virgin inputs