Refurbished furniture for employees of the City of Leuven and AG Stadsontwikkeling Leuven

Framework contracts of Het Facilitair Bedrijf give shape to a circular city identity

The City of Leuven and AG Stadsontwikkeling Leuven (AGSL) together save no less than 77,280 kg CO2 eq. emissions by using the framework contracts for refurbished furniture of the Flemish Government. AGSL's services are temporarily moving to an office building in Leuven. The space is a blank canvas on which AGSL can put its own stamp. Sustainability and circularity are important values ​​for Leuven city services and municipal companies. Circular products and services were therefore sought for the furnishing of the office. The framework contracts immediately offer the perfect tailor-made solution. Nnof supplies refurbished acoustic workstations. This means that  480kg CO2-eq. emissions saved compared to virgin material. Ahrend supplies new adjustable sit-stand desks within the window contact for throwing holes and conference table. Here, the focus is on maximizing the potential reuse of products and parts in the future, and attention is paid to the origin of the raw materials, extended warranty period and training of maintenance personnel. In the meantime, another test project is underway at AGSL to convert old wooden drawer units into personal lockers. The City of Leuven and AG Stadsontwikkeling Leuven also offer their employees refurbished furniture for the furnishing of their home workplace. Nnof has already supplied 300 refurbished office chairs for this. This resulted in a further 76,800 kg CO2-eq. emissions saved. 

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