The circular ambition chart

The ambition chart for circular procurement was drawn up before the GDCP following various workshops with purchasers and circular procurement specialists. It’s a tool to help your organisation get started with circular procurement.
Talk with your internal stakeholders about the most appropriate choices. This helps to create a support base, and increases the chance of success for your circular procurement project. The ambition chart is a useful tool in this aspect.

  • Five circular goals (letters) have been determined. They are classified according to input (A and B), usage (C) and potential output (D and E) of the product.
  • Strategies (numbers) have been provided for each of these goals in order to achieve them

Download the circular ambition chart >

So, how do you get started?

  • First, choose a product category and product for your circular procurement project.
  • Then determine which goal (letters) you want to pursue for this procurement project. Ideally, you should commit to multiple goals, as this increases the chance of success.
  • Then, for each of the chosen goals, choose which strategies (numbers) you'll use to achieve them. Again, it’s best to choose more than one, as this increases the impact on your goal. Some strategies support different goals.
  • To establish a specific and realistic level of ambition, choose an unambiguous and measurable indicator for each goal. The evolution can be monitored by measuring this indicator at three times.
    • Baseline measurement: before the start of the project
    • Contract: which values are included in the contract
    • End of contract: which values have been effectively realised


Putting circular ambitions into practice

We interviewed some of the participants in the Green Deal Circular Procurement about how they put the ambitions into practice.


Strategy 1

strategy 2

strategie 3

strategie 4

strategy 5

Circular procurement indicators

For each of the goals, we can formulate a number of indicators that allow the magnitude of your ambition to be determined. If you carry out a baseline measurement for these indicators, you can determine during and after the contract whether your ambition level has been reached.

Download the indicator chart >