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circomat by ecomat

Aanbod in het kort

We bring to the market remountable division and retention walls in the most democratic and efficient way to eliminate waste and keep the value of our materials as high as possible during their lifespan. Our focus is bio-ecological but compromise with biobased materials and even technical loop materials where needed.

Waarom is het product of de dienst circulair?

We offer different ways to enjoy our materials & building components according to your needs, be it temporary or remountable. We pursue to become a material banker who guides you in choice of materials, technicity and who will take care of the component once you don’t need it anymore.

Welke circulaire strategieën worden toegepast?

  • Totale hoeveelheid materialen reduceren: Buy-rent-lease formulas of circular building components will push us to make more durable bio-degradable components, in this way that even natural loops get a longer life than before by cleverly combining them with less natural, but still circular materials.
  • Niet-hernieuwbare virgin input reduceren: The different formulas allow more customers to choose ecomaterials in a fast world, as we guard the durability and we profit from the long term vision our materials and solutions need to be efficient.
  • Gebruiksduur verlengen: We want to adapt our ecological materials in this way that we can use them many times before incineration as biomass or compostable. We believe that even if they the materials used are regrowable, a one time use is never enough.
  • Potentieel hergebruik product of component maximaliseren: We connect our elements with reversible fixings as screws, bolts, velcro-strips and magnets. If glues are used, they are biobased and layers stay perfectly disconnectable.
  • Potentieel hergebruik materialen maximaliseren – recycleerbaarheid: The materials we use are either regrowable and natural, either biobased but reproducible, either technical but longlasting, or either urban mined and already recycled.

Wat zijn de voordelen voor aankopers?

Freedom of change without material and energy waste combined with all the way service from installation to destruction. Letting clients enjoy the comfort and characteristics of durable materials without the obligation to make lifelasting decisions and without investing in higher prices to do so.

circomat by ecomat

Sectoren Bouw


A. Totale hoeveelheid materialen reduceren
B. Niet-hernieuwbare virgin input reduceren
C. Gebruiksduur verlengen
D. Potentieel hergebruik product of component maximaliseren
E. Potentieel hergebruik materialen maximaliseren – recycleerbaarheid

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